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Category: Heaven and Hell             Rating: 2.00
Bill Gates dies. Goes to St. Peter. St. Peter says, "we don't know where to send you. You've been both good and bad. So, we decided to let you decide between heaven and hell." Gates says, "can I preview them first?" St. Peter allows a preview, and off they go to hell. In hell, they are on a beach with lots of bikini clad women. Gates likes this. Then off to heaven. There, the angels are lying on clouds playing thier harps. Gates tells St. Peter, "This is nice, but a little dull. I liked hell better. Can I go to hell?" St. Peter agrees and sends him back down to hell.
Three weeks later, St. Peter decides to go check on Gates. When he arrives in hell, there is Bill Gates tied to a stake, surrounded by fire, and being wiped and beaten by angry people. Gates yells to St. Peter, "Help me. Help me. Where are the bikini clad women?
This is not what I wanted." St. Peter replies, "Oh, that was the screen saver."

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