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At Jokes 'n Fun.com we're constantly adding to our Master Joke List, which we keep hidden in the Joke Vault, safe from prying eyes. Then we realized how stupid that was, and we came up with the Joke-O-Matic to solve that problem. The Joke-O-Matic serves our jokes up a few at a time, nice and neat- no muss, no fuss. There are currently over 5,000 jokes in the Joke-O-Matic. To get more jokes just click the "More jokes please!" button below. You can also browse our jokes by category if you prefer.

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  1. Drive through the drive-thru in reverse and let your passenger order
  2. Ask prices of everything on the menu then order something that you did not ask the price for.
  3. Pretend like your window is broken. Tell the employee this. Order with y . . .

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The Pope, Billy Graham, and Oral Roberts were in a three-way plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean. Tragically, they all died and went to the Pearly Gates together.

"Oh, this is terrible," exclaims St. Peter, "I know you guys think we summoned you here, but t . . .

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"This little computer," said the sales clerk, "will do half of your job for you. "
Studying the machine, the senior VP said, "Fine, I'll take two. "

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